Table Reservations


You can now book tables during our opening hours. Tables are great to book for big gatherings, and we recommend you to book your table way ahead of time. We have 4 sections you can book: three (3) tables that rooms 10-15 people found in the calendar to the left, and one (1) section of two tables that rooms 25-30 people found in the calendar to the right.

You can book a table for each half hour from 16:00 to 18:30, and remember to set the end time at 24:00 in the booking calendar. We do not accept bookings after 18:30 in respect to the other guests who wants to use the tables. If you are not there half an hour after the time your table is reserved at, the table will be available for others. If you are not planning to stay until 24:00 but a little bit earlier, please comment that in the “reason for booking and more information” field. We hope you enjoy our new feature at our website and find this new feature useful. P.S. Tuesdays are set as unavailable due to the quiz. For the quiz it is first come first serve, and we hope you arrive early enough so you can get a table. Same goes for the Wednesdays we host stand up shows.

Table section 1, 3 and 4 looks like this, and rooms 10-15 people. You can book 1-3 tables in one booking.

Table section 2 looks like this, and rooms 25-30 people. If you want more tables you need to reserve from the other calendar as well.