Booking outside our opening hours

Students, BI-Employees and SBIO units can book Kroa outside of our opening hours. Bookings outside our opening hours will be charged for and you will either receive an invoice or you can pay right away in the bar*. We tailor your booking to fit your needs, and we have the opportunity to be open from early to late. We have a capacity of 290 people, so this is a great place to gather many friends for fun.

Private individuals must pay for rent at the bar the same evening or in advance of the event. We only send invoices to SBIO units, companies and BI.

There are two (2) steps to book outside our opening hours:

    1. Choose a date and time in the calendar below, fill in the contact information and details about your event, and send it in. Notice that the calendar will not allow you to book after 00:00, so if you want your event to last for example until 03:30 you need to specify that in the field “Comments or more information”, or simply just make two separate bookings where the second booking is from 00:00-03:30 the next day. P.S! The bar closes half an hour before the end time of your event.
    2. Fill in this Google form (LINK!) for us to be able to send you an invoice. You can also pay in the bar if you prefer to pay with a card, but you have to fill in this form. You can find prices and more information about bookings outside our opening hours in this Google form as well. Use this form to specify if you want any welcome drinks or anything else on your invoice.

Booking of events needs to be done no later than two (2) weeks prior to the event

We ask you to make a booking in the calendar for everyone to easily see which dates that are available, and also what happens on the different dates. By doing this you have reserved the date, and we will then confirm or reject your booking based on if we can make your event work. It is no shortcut to send an e-mail first. You will still need to book through the calendar here. For us to be able to send an invoice you need to remember to do step two (2) as well, by that I mean fill in the Google form.